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Vue SFC REPL as a Vue 3 component.

Simple Usage

<script setup>
import { Repl } from '@vue/repl'
import '@vue/repl/style.css'

  <Repl />

Advanced Usage

<script setup>
import { watchEffect } from 'vue'
import { Repl, ReplStore } from '@vue/repl'

// retrieve some configuration options from the URL
const query = new URLSearchParams(

const store = new ReplStore({
  // initialize repl with previously serialized state
  serializedState: location.hash.slice(1),

  // starts on the output pane (mobile only) if the URL has a showOutput query
  showOutput: query.has('showOutput'),
  // starts on a different tab on the output pane if the URL has a outputMode query
  // and default to the "preview" tab
  outputMode: (query.get('outputMode') || 'preview'),

  // specify the default URL to import Vue runtime from in the sandbox
  // default is the CDN link from with version matching Vue's version
  // from peerDependency
  defaultVueRuntimeURL: 'cdn link to vue.runtime.esm-browser.js'

// persist state to URL hash
watchEffect(() => history.replaceState({}, '', store.serialize()))

// pre-set import map
  imports: {
    myLib: 'cdn link to esm build of myLib'

// use a specific version of Vue

  <Repl :store="store" :showCompileOutput="true" />