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Vue Theme

This is the VitePress theme for the official Vue documentation at

Please note this theme is solely dedicated for and isn't meant to be used as a content-neutral theme. It does not follow semver and may contain hard-coded logic specific to the Vue documentation.

Development Setup

This repo can be developed on its own since it is a self-contained VitePress theme. Make sure to use pnpm as the package manager when installing deps. A demo app is available in /demo and can be run with pnpm dev:

pnpm install
pnpm dev

Developing with Real Content

To work on this theme in the context of the website requires cloning both repos and linking the theme into the docs repo:

  1. Clone repositories:

    git clone [email protected]:vuejs/docs.git
    git clone [email protected]:vuejs/theme.git
  2. Link theme into docs repo:

    # In ./theme
    pnpm install
    # Make @vue/theme available for global linking
    pnpm link --global
    # in ./docs
    pnpm install
    # Link theme
    pnpm link --global @vue/theme
  3. Start VitePress server:

    # in ./docs
    pnpm dev

Available Scripts

Here is the list of available scripts that can be used during the development.

# Boot local dev server.
$ pnpm dev

# Build demo, then serve locally. This is for testing
# production build in the local environment.
$ pnpm serve

# Run lint via Prettier.
$ pnpm lint

# Run type check via tsc.
$ pnpm type



Copyright (c) 2021-present Evan You