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GitHub for Startups

Build your startup
on GitHub

GitHub for Startups helps your startup go from idea to IPO on the world’s largest and most advanced developer platform. Eligible startups receive 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise free for 12 months.

Full access to GitHub Enterprise

Get up to 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise free for 12 months.

The industry's best DevOps platform

Build your business in one place on GitHub's complete platform.

Tailored product guidance

Get a personalized onboarding experience, office hours, and technical best practices.

Collaboration that goes beyond code

Build your business fast with access to the world’s largest open source registry. Host it in the cloud with unlimited free public and private repositories. Start conversations, propose changes, and get feedback with a pull request.

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It’s like night and day. It’s the collaboration, it’s the sharing, it’s the community. It’s all because of GitHub.

Shanna Senior Director of Build Platform // Autodesk
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Full project management

Turn ideas into products with project boards and tables that integrate directly into your workflow—and link directly to your Issues. Plan your sprints, break out individual tasks, track progress, and ship software fast.

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GitHub is our primary tool for R&D project management.

Director of Ecosystem Engineering // Shopify

Powerful automation and CI/CD

Get a complete DevOps toolkit with extensive automation and CI/CD that lives right next to your code. Automate any webhook and script your entire workflow from code merges to deployments.

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One of the big benefits of using GitHub for CI/CD and security automation is that we don’t have to build, deploy, or maintain additional tools because they’re built-in to GitHub. That means developers can spend less time managing tools and more time writing code, which is how they’d prefer to spend their time.

Software Engineer // Mercari
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Security trusted by the Fortune 100

GitHub offers the most trusted platform that helps with compliance and keeps your code secure. Stay ahead of security issues, get advanced monitoring, and build your business with confidence.

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Six months ago we had around 60 outstanding security CVEs. Today, we have zero.

Senior Engineering Manager // Wealthsimple

Build on the shoulders of giants

With the world’s largest software registry, GitHub makes it simple to find the best open source projects to accelerate your workflows and scale your business fast.

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There is a huge open source community of code and developers to work with and draw inspiration from on GitHub. To build better developer tools, we need a direct line to it. GitHub accelerates production, progress, and connections, bringing us closer to our users.

Developer Advocate // Stripe
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Build like the best

From Spotify to Slack and Shopify to Netflix, the world’s most innovative companies are built on GitHub. That’s because GitHub offers the most complete—and most trusted—developer platform.

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Get started today

Build your startup on the world’s most advanced developer platform. Apply now to GitHub for Startups to get free access to GitHub Enterprise and the support you need to build, scale, and deliver secure software on GitHub.

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GitHub for Startups Sign-up Form

  • Must be an early-stage startup that has received funding (up to Series A).
  • Must not be a current GitHub Enterprise customer or have previously received credits for GitHub Enterprise.

Want to add an extra year of Enterprise at 50% off? Refer your investor, accelerator, or incubator to become an approved GitHub for Startups partner and apply with their unique application link!

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive an email invitation to accept ownership of your new Enterprise Account within 3-5 business days. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

Applications with invalid websites and/or websites with inappropriate content will be rejected.
In a few sentences, please share a bit more about your company.
Applications with invalid links will be rejected.
Please enter in $USD

Billing Address

You will not be billed at this time. This information will be used for any paid add-ons or upgrades you choose to add (beyond the 20 seat offer) during or after the program.

Please provide the name of the accelerator/incubator/VC fund through which you are applying for GitHub for Startups benefits. If you were referred by a GitHub employee, please list their email here.
Please provide your organization's active GitHub account(s) in the format Applications with invalid accounts or personal accounts will be rejected, more on account types here. Separate multiple entries by a comma.
Email address for any of the owners of the organization provided - this will be the owner of the Enterprise and where we will send next steps. Applications where this email does not match the organization owner will be rejected.

Early-stage startup

You must be an early-stage startup that has received outside funding (up to Series A).

New to GitHub Enterprise

You must be new or returning to GitHub Enterprise and have not previously received credits for GitHub Enterprise.

Our partners help us create the unicorns of tomorrow

We know the value of community. That’s why GitHub for Startups partners with leading investors, accelerators, and startup support organizations to help early-stage startups go from seed funding to unicorn status. Startups affiliated with a GitHub for Startups partner are eligible for additional discounts and benefits while in the program.

Apply to become a partner

GitHub for Startups Partner Application

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Frequently asked questions

What’s included in the GitHub for Startups offer?

All GitHub for Startups companies receive up to 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise for free for 12 months*. Learn more about the features and capabilities of GitHub Enterprise here.

*Startups affiliated with a GitHub for Startups VC or accelerator partner may be eligible for additional discounts and benefits. See list of partners here. Don’t see your partner? Share this link to refer your partner to the GitHub for Startups partner program.

Who is eligible to apply?

Startups that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the GitHub for Startups program:

  1. Received outside funding (up to Series A)
  2. New to GitHub Enterprise
  3. Must not have previously received credits for GitHub Enterprise

What if my startup is not eligible for GitHub for Startups? Are there other resources for me?

If you’re not currently eligible for GitHub for Startups but would like to try GitHub Enterprise, please feel to sign up for a trial here.

How can my organization become a GitHub for Startups partner?

Any investor, accelerator, or startup support organization is eligible to apply for the GitHub for Startups program. Apply here.