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Official Clerk JavaScript SDKs

Clerk helps developers build user management. We provide streamlined user experiences for your users to sign up, sign in, and manage their profile.

This repository contains all the Clerk JavaScript SDKs under the @clerk namespace. Visit to signup for an account.

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Clerk is Hiring!

Would you like to work on Open Source software and help maintain this repository? Apply today!.

🚀 Get Started with Clerk

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Create an application in your Clerk dashboard
  3. Spin up a new codebase with one of the quickstart guides

This repository contains the SDKs for environment/platforms that Clerk supports. For example, if you want to use Clerk with Node.js you can install:

npm install @clerk/clerk-sdk-node
# or
yarn add @clerk/clerk-sdk-node
# or
pnpm add @clerk/clerk-sdk-node

🎓 Learning Clerk

Clerk's full documentation is available at

🚢 Release Notes

Curious what we shipped recently? You can browse the GitHub Releases page or look at the individual files inside each package (e.g. clerk-js CHANGELOG).

🤝 How to Contribute

We're open to all community contributions! If you'd like to contribute in any way, please read our contribution guidelines. We'd love to have you as part of the Clerk community!

It'll show you how to make changes to the SDKs, open pull requests, or submitting issues. If you want to add or edit localizations (e.g. how a button text is translated to your language), you can check out the localizations README.

📝 License

This project is licensed under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for more information.